Corrupted Movie Backup

Hello guys,
I’m having problems lately wit hmy movie backups.
The process run and ends well, but the backup dvd shows some errors at the stand alone dvd players it is ok when use them on the dvd drive.
I tried diferent brands of media but the problem still present.
The movie jumps, pixelates, or stops.
I have dvd writer and a player

1 Ben Q 1620 at b7w9 dvd-writer
1 HP 630c at ch16 dvd-writer
1 HP dvd rom

What media IDs are you using? This sure sounds like bad media.

these are the media i’m actually using, specially the last one

dvd+r CMC MAG M01
dvd+r CMC MAG E01
dvd-r CMC MAG AE01
dvd+r Ritek R03

I would guess that you set the burn speed to MAX. Try some R03 at 4X and it should work. In any case, you should get better media; TY or Verbatim MCC. Stick with +R. And make sure you bitset.

Like chas0039 says, set your booktype to DVD-ROM. It could also be your DVD player that you are using is not very goog at reading recordable DVDs.

What is bitset and how and where do I set it?

@ chiquito003,

Suggest checking to ensure that your DVD Burner was the most recently up to date firmware installed.

Suggest viewing the below PC World article concerning DVD Burner firmware.

Suggesting viewing the below CD Freaks link concerning Bitsetting.

Best Regards,