Corrupted ISO?

In recently downloading an ISO file I wound up with 2 versions; a full file (ie. same size according to the original file) and a partial file (ie. ~half the size of the original becasue the download was prematurely terminated).

What I found interesting was if I viewed both these files in WInISO I could see the full contents of the ‘CD’. This obviously wasn’t surprising for the full version but it seemed strange that I could see what appeared to be a true CD and all the contents even though the file size was less than half of its proper size.

What am I missing here? - and furthermore how do you know if you have a good ISo without burning it or trying to install the CD???

You can extract the contents of an .iso using Winrar.
If it extracts ok then the .iso is ok, if not, well then you know the answer to that.

Thanks for your reply BD - and maybe I’ll understand it a bit better after I get some more experience.

In the meantime however can you elaborate a bit more on exactly what you mean by " You can extract the contents of an .iso using Winrar"

Briefly, how do you do this with WinRAR? Is there a menu/buttom that you use on the ISo file that extracts it (and into what???)?

When I think of ‘extracting’ a file(s) I think of uncompressing the file back into its original form so I’m not sure how to apply this to the ISO (and therefore confirm that it is a good copy).

Many thanks and regards.

You can use Daemon Tools to mount the image. If you can mount without error, it most likely is OK. You can go ahead and run from the mounted image.
CDMage will also check an image file for errors…

Isobuster has a tool to check if the image is intact, along with many others. Check the help for that comes with it.