Corrupted Firmware NEC 2500A


I have some problems with my NEC 2500A.

I bought the NEC 2500A with original firmware 1.06 on it. I tried to upgrade it with the original nec firmware to 1.07. It did not work, I always got the message that my firmware is corrupted.

I tried several firmwares und flashing prgs and finally succeded to upgrade to the dangerous brothers hacked firmware. (1.27)

I have no problem in writing CDs but I have some in writing DVDs. Therefore I tried to return to the original Firmeware (stock106.bin).

My problem ist that dos (nec2x00a.exe used in dos enviroment) and windows firmware flashing programs won´t accept any change of the firmware.

The error message is: “Checksum error, fimware corruped” and the process of flashing stops.

With the hacked firmware my warrenty is void therefore I cant return the DVD-burner to NEC.

Has anyone an idea how to return to the status that I can change the firmware without getting this error.



Download the 1.06 firmware from another source and try flashing in DOS again.
It sounds like your version of the file is corrupted.


thanks for answering. It took me a while but I upgraded my PC and your hint was correct. It seems it had something to to with the cables.

With the new hardware everythink works fine.

Thanks 4 helping



my former posting was to optimistic just because I managed at least to burn some DVDs. Still something is wrong even with the new hardware.

I tried to upgrade to the new version (dos Environment: nec2x00a.exe -sec -mas -flash 2510rpc1.bin) and again got the message:

NEC DVD_RW ND2500A 120403500 443243
Drive reporting checksum error
firmware corrupted

The same still happens with the other offered firmwares (e.g. stock107.bin).

I don´t really understand why the flashing program checks the (possible corrupted) firmware on the drive. Is there no way just to erase the defected firmware and to put an other one on it.

Thanks for helping


Have you tried using any of the Windows Flashers?


the answer from all winflashers is:

Target NEC ND2500a is not found correctly :frowning:


Problem is sorted, don´t ask me how, now it works fine:

Drive Information

Drive : _NEC DVD_RW ND-2510A
Type : DVD±R/RW DL Recorder
Firmware Version : 2.06
Buffer Size : 2 MB
Date : ?
Serial Number : 4432431S211
Vendor Specific : 04062400
Drive Letter : F:
Location : 1:0
Mechanism : Tray

Thanks 4 trying to help wesocity !!!

Greets Rooti

I have serious problems getting my new 2510a flashed with new firmware.
I’ve tried both Herries and TDB firmwares. I get the same error from both.

The drive is connected to the secondary ide channel and the drive is jumped to master. I boot from Win98SE boot cd to dos prompt.

When i do the “nec2x00a.exe -sec -mas -flash 107v2b5d.bin” i get the following :
ERROR: Drive reporting checksum error, firmware corrupt

I have checked the files, redownloaded, reburnt etc. I even tried to move the drive to another compurter. Same result. Also get exactly the same result if i use the firmware from TDB. I can’t believe the firmware file is corrupt since it happens on all. And i download them from the same source as everyone else here.

Anyone got any suggestions ?


Which program have you used to unzip the files ?
I’ve heard there are some issues with certain unzip utils and its recomended you use the original PKzip to unzip them. There are also issues with IDE cables and there quality

Check out this thread

Thanks for the info.

Well the archive containing Herries hacked firmware is RAR so pkzip won’t work. The archive from tdb is zip. I tried your suggestion and used old pkunzip.exe to unzip the files. Then burnt them. But sadly the same result.

I read that thread about the cables. But i have tried on two different machines (also then different cables).

Kinda lost here :frowning:

I boot to DOS from a floppy made from formatting the floppy in XP as an MS-DOS startup disc, i then use a second floppy with the flasher program and the firmware BIN file.

Boot from the MS_DOS startup disc then insert the 2nd floppy and flash from there, i’m not recomending this way of doing things as it’s been pointed out that floppies are not that reliable.

You already have a 2510, why are you trying to flash it to a 2510 again?

There are several firmwares for the 2510a, Herries firmware is one of the best, and the stock firmware for the 2510a has also been updated to V2.06, which is most likely the reason he want’s to flash to a new firmware as both these firmwares have added features over the original stock firmware in the 2510a.

Well even tho i you have a 2510 a hacked firmware would give your 2510 more fun for the money.

For those who are having the corrupted firmware problem with the NEC 2500A:

  • Make a drdflash.exe disk (can get it here
  • Make another floppy with one of the binary images from The Dangerous Brothers (See NEC ND-2510A)
  • Reboot to the drdflash disk, put in Dangerous brothers disk, follow the instructions in the readme