Corrupted files on burned DVD


I have the following problem.
Some time ago I used neroLINUX 3 (can’t remember exactly which version) to burn my files onto a DVD-RW (TDK DVD-RW 4X 4.7 GB).
The burn-process ran well and also ‘verifying written data’ was completed with no errors found.
Recently I wanted to read my files from the DVD and all of them are corrupted.
These are pdf, rar and zip files and some mp3s.
The directory listings are correct but none of the pdfs can be opened and rar/zip-s can be uncompressed.

If I start to play an mp3 file, however, it opens but the first few seconds of the song is from the end of another song.
So it looks like that the DVD’s directory listing is right, but somehow the starting points of the files on the DVD are shifted and this makes the files seem corrupt.

My questions:

  1. How could I read/recover the data from the DVD?
  2. How could this problem occur? Is this a bug in neroLINUX?

I had this problem not only once, but with two different types of DVD burners on two different systems (both running openSUSE 10.2).

Thanks in advance,

That sounds strange.

Please post the Burnlog here. You will find it in your homefolder.




I found a note about this burning. The DVD was written by neroLINUX on June 5, 2007. The format is ISO 9660/Joliet (mode 1). According to the dates my history file (~/.nero/NeroHistory.log) does not contain anything regarding this burn.
Nevertheless I attach the log file in 3 parts.


NeroHistory01.txt (90.4 KB)

NeroHistory02.txt (88 KB)

NeroHistory03.txt (48.9 KB)

Sounds weird. Maybe you could check with the latest version.
I never experienced such an issue…