Corrupted DVD files




I have a DVD on my pc, in AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders.
I was going to burn the movie on a DVD+RW with Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.0 Disc Copier.
But everytime i try to start to burn it, i get this error:

I made an image of it, and tried to open it in DVD Shrink, but when its Analysing i get error at 60%.
So probably a file that is corrupted.

Does anyone know of a program that may fix this problem?


Yea, you have a certain file(s) that is Corrupted. So you cant really do much now, you can always re-rpi the fiels to ur hd using dvd decrypter. While using dvd decrypter see if there is an 1 or 2 files that have problem ripping to ur hd and thats ut problem. You can try re-ripping these files over and see if the problem still occurs (to me after a re-rpi it waorked out great), you may want to clean the disc before u do the ripping cua a dirty or damaged disc will five you there problem.