Corrupted Drivers, how can it work again?

I have made a huge mistake with my Pioneer Burner. When i first got the DVR-215 it was working perfectly and even for long while it was the best burner I have bought. However after dealing with some minor problem i decided to update its firmware. Big mistake as now i finally realize Pioneer is very bad in providing firmware.

My DVR-215 was firmware 1.18 and the new update is the 1.22 however the thing is whilst I noticed the update was so slow in updating i thought nothing was happening but then I noticed my computer shut down. I don’t how that happened (probably my antivirus), but now i see my burner has firmware 0000. Strange number (which I think is Microsoft own driver or something), meaning now it has corrupted drivers, my burner doesn’t work anymore, it can’t even open. I’m trying to update it again to 1.18, but the same case slow update.

Now I’m worried as if my burner will never function again all because of software, the usual problem for computers. Hope anyone can help what I can do. I have Windows Vista Home Premium.

You tried to update your firmware, which is not the same thing as “drivers”. :wink:

What are your system specifications? Specifically, try to give us answers to “what motherboard & SATA controller are you using, and what drivers for the SATA controller are you using? Do you have any kind of RAID setup connected to the same SATA controller?” & other information like that.

Your drive is in safe mode, where it reports its firmware version as 0000. It is a feature Pioneer (and others) have engineered into the drives to prevent them from dying in the case of a bad firmware flash (like in this situation). As you see, you cannot use the drive, but it’s not dead.

You should place the drive in another computer with a reliable SATA chipset and re-flash it with 1.22, or figure out what caused the flash process to go wrong in the first place (many people have performed firmware flashes before and succeeded, though there have been a select few failures), fix it, and re-flash 1.22. It is likely to succeed once you have the drive in an environment suitable for full use of optical drives. (Not every SATA controller setup really likes optical drives).

I don’t have RAID, and its a ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe Mobo, i don’t know the specs of the SATA controller because for me SATA is just SATA.

Anyways, i guess that makes sense with the 0000 firmware version. But I need another computer and update it is that right?

That would possibly be easiest if there is no way to help your computer “get along better” with the Pioneer.

Are you using nVidia’s drivers or generic Windows drivers for the SATA controller? Is there a setting in the BIOS setup that allows you to enable or disable RAID support, or have the SATA controller in IDE or Legacy mode?

All NVIDIA drivers. I’m sure the BIOS has RAID turned off. Not sure on the last one.

Maybe try using stock Windows drivers instead of the nVidia drivers for the SATA controller. Go to Device Manager, manually “update” the drivers, don’t allow windows to search for any drivers & choose to specify which driver you want to install, and instead of selecting the nVidia driver choose the generic “Standard dual channel PCI IDE controller” driver (which should work the same).

If this is not possible, it would be easier to just move the Pioneer to another Windows system and try the update there. :iagree:

Standard dual channel PCI IDE controller" driver (which should work the same).

shouldn’t it be SATA controller??

^ the drivers are just generically called “Standard PCI IDE Controller” (or the like), and will work on SATA controllers. The name is just what Microsoft assigned to its generic PATA/SATA drivers we recommend people fall back on when troubleshooting. The drivers work on controllers so long as they are in legacy/IDE mode, with no RAID, etc. :slight_smile:

I understand now, thanks Albert.

OK new update to my situation.

I have finally got my Pioneer DVR-215 to have firmware version 1.22 using DVRFlash.exe however now I have the one problem that I have been trying to solve.

The thing is I’ve been trying to use ImgBurn however the burner fails to burn a simple disc, CD or DVD. Every time the burner gives off hundreds to thousands of “write retries”. I ahve updated the nvidia SATA Controller drivers via Windows Update and my burner seems to be functioning normally besides this problem.

So now I need help. What can I do.

Remove nvidias and install the standard drivers.

[QUOTE=chef;2479572]Remove nvidias and install the standard drivers.[/QUOTE]

OK… I understand what you are asking me to do. However I’m reluctant in doing that because of the HDD connection. Wouldn’t that stop the connection for the HDD? Must I do an uplug/replug for the HDD onto other SATA connections with the then installed standard drivers?