Corrupted discs? computer craps out

so, im trying to rebuild my computer, and i just reformatted for the 4th time. Each time, my computer has slowly turned to crap in a VERY short period of time. lots of crashes and error messages. At first, i wasnt getting a good install of winxp pro, then i finally got that fine, now when im trying to reinstall my programs (mostly adobe graffx progs) the discs im trying to install from say they are corrupted or bad or cant read from the CAB files… BUT when i try to install the programs on another computer at work, they install fine… so what would the problem be? bad memory, bad ide slots, bad ide ribbons? the other wierd thing is my computer in trying to fix has 2 dvd drive (1 dvdrom & 1 dvdrw)… but if i install 1 program on 1 drive it errors on 1 particular file, but if i throw it in the other dvd drive it errors on another file completely… anyway, i thought it was a bad hard drive, but i just bought this one last week to rule that out… its still doing it…PLEASE HELP!! thanks in advance!

You really don’t give us very much detail, BUT if Win XP will not install properly you either are installing from a corrupted copy OR you have substantial hardware issues… the fact that after multiple tries you ‘kinda’ get it to ‘sorta’ install, that immediately goes bad only proves that you really do have more fundamental problems. The usual way to test is:

Try an install on just BASIC hardware: The MB, one memory stick, boot HD and video card. just the minimum you need to run. If THAT won’t install properly: you have a bad copy of the OS or really basic hardware issues… If it DOES install, run it for a few days to see if it’s stable, if it is, if it will accept all updates from MS to make it current and it’s still stable, then you can start to assume the OS is OK and start looking for which additional hardware is the source of your problems…

Doesn’t XP offer a testing before you start to install? I must admit it has been nearly 6 months since my last reformat and install. If so run it and see what it tells you.

Other than that I have to go with Couprin on the bad copy of the OS. I back up all my discs when I get them, I am know amongst my mates or not putting discs back into boxes or sleeves and so it is cheeper for me to back up and work from them and keep the originals safe.

that was a prelude now for why I mentioned it. When I first backed up my copy of XP Home I used the copy part of Roxio Easy CD Creator. Now when I tried to install from it I got errors and the installation had to be cancelled. I went back to the original and it worked fine. I found out I could only back up my XP disc using Clone CD.

ok, but since my new hard drive was put in… everything (so far) has worked fine EXCEPT the adobe progs (which is the most important to me)… but they install fine on other computers… so, shouldnt i think that there is something wrong with my dvdroms or ide port or cables or somethings… like bad reads or something… i strongly feel that my OS is fine… but maybe not…i guess i dont know which why im asking. the other thing i noticed is that before (before i had to reformat from the probs) i could rip dvds with no1 dvd ripper or imtoo dvd ripper just fine… NOW, its very jumpy/choppy and doesnt rip worth a damn…which is also leading me to believe its more of a ide thing… thanksfor the help so far… and let me know if you would need anything else as far as info goes… THANKS AGAIN

Ide cables are not that expensive and a bad one can cause all kinds of strange, hard to pin down problems. It wouldn’t hurt to try a new cable to rule it out. Get a decent brand name one, not a cheap generic. While many have used the generics without problems, some have had problems with them (luck of the draw I guess), and like I said, problems from a bad cable can be very hard to identify.

Sounds like you’ve got burnt CDs on cheap media that’s starting to go, and other drives are simply better at reading them than your own. I’d try and save em by running something that can rip them to a file on your hard drive, then mount it as a virtual drive (Alcohol 120% would be perfect for this).

I have to agree that is defanatlly a possibility. If the burns are marginally it’s quite possible that some drives would read them ok and others wouldn’t.