Corrupted CD-Rewritable Media


Is it possible for a CDRW media disk to become ‘totally’ unusable after a cd-burning copy session?

I used CloneCD to create a backup of my copy-protected CDs on both a Verbatim 4-10x and a Memorex 8-10x CDRW.

I then tried to erase the disks but the software would not even mount them any longer. Either a 'No disk" message is indicated or the software just hangs up.

This has never happend before, especially with copying ordinary [non-protected disks].

For the copy process, I have been using a Plextor 12/10/32A with CloneCD running on NT4.0 server with Service Pack 6a.

Besides CloneCD, I even tried using Nero, Adaptec Easy Creator 4.03c and Alcohol120% on a separate Windows 2000 machine to erase them but could not. All copy programs either ignore the disks or cannot mount [‘see’] them.

I really don’t care about the data, but simply wish to erase and reuse these CDRW disks.

Has anyone else had this very strange problem? I also searched Google but could not find anyone else experiencing this weird phenomenon.

Thanks in advance.


I had a disk like that and for me padus discjuggler did the trick

You might try erasing it in Nero. Works for me.

This would be a good reason for not using CloneCD to dupe copy protected discs using CD-RW discs for backup! I’m just speculating, but I wonder if the nonstandard formats used by the copy protected discs could be interfering with the ability to erase the discs?

In any event, I suggest that you try the freeware SuperBlank 2.0 to see if it can erase your discs. This is special purpose CD-RW erasing software that often succeeds in blanking discs when other programs won’t work.

Most important of all, make sure that “Hide CDR Media” is not still enabled in the CloneCD tray. If it is, that is a very good reason for the CD-RW’s not to be recognized. :wink:

I don’t think, the copy protected stuff is causing any problem for erasing.

I have tried burning a RW disk with a copy protected image. The disk was fine after burning & also got erased afterwards.

I was using Princo 4x-10x RW.

I am beginning to suspect actual physical damage to the disks.
I don’t completely understand how this may happen, but it seems that no matter what software application or OS platform I use to try to erase these disks, none of the CD Rewriters [Plextor 12/10/32, LiteOn 24x10x32 or 48x12x48]
seem to be able to even read the TOC.

The disks do not spin up completely when inserted and the CD burners attempt to spin them up but fail repeatedly each time.

The weird thing about all this is that ALL my disks come out perfect when I’m not using CloneCD with copy protected media!
[been using CDRW almost 3 years now].

Maybe there is some hardware incompatibility issue with my Abit BE6 mobo?

Thanks to all who replied to my post!