Corrupted avi xvid

Hello everybody. I’m pretty new to this forum so if my question sound really dumb, sorry for my stupidity.
I tried searching for threads similar to my problem but no result have been found.
I recently tried to open an avi file with virtuadub and it says
“error decompressing video frame 0:
an unknown error occurred (may be corrupt data)
(error code -100)”

i cannot play the avi file on any programs…
well for the exception of “videolan”

does anybody know what is the problem?
I tried most divxrepair simili programs and they said repair successful but actually the file remaisn unchanged.
thank you for your help.

What does GSPOT say about the AVI with regards to Video & Audio info? Do you have supporting divx/xvid codec installed. If you cant load it into VD, then it cant find a codec to render it.

it says that it is an xvid.
and the audio is layer 3.
but i could watch other xvid format video… but this one i can’t…

Looks like you need to update your Xvid codec then. I use Nic’s or Koepi’s latest. Get them from