Corrupt video dvd to harddisk software needed

please solve my 2 different problems

  1. i hav a video dvd. 10-15 min are corrupted in-between. whenever i try to copy the files on my harddisk, i get invalid msdos function. how can i save the non-corrupted portion of dvd to my hdd

2)i also want to copy a mp3 cd to harddisk. one or two songs are corrupted. using windows explorer, when i try copy-paste, it doesnt work and stops inbetween. i had used vista, and vista used to ignore the corrupted files and continue copying. i want that kind of software for xp

It is a pressed one? Then maybe that is a protection…

If not, try with Isobuster.

thank you
will definately try it

You can also try BadCopy.