Corrupt system ASPI

I am running a sony dru710a with nero suite I loaded my ASPI for nero and it works but my system ASPI downloaded corrupt…I am on a presario with winXp home. I tried to burn a avi file to a dvd and it came out a .nvc …what is that? also I tried to burn my mp3 files onto a dvd and that turned out as an .iso…? I really need to get this fixed…34 gigs of downloaded mpgs, mp3’s and avi’s is havoc on the ol hard drive…any help would be sooo greatly appreciated…thanks!

what do you mean you " loaded ASPI for nero"? Nero has it’s own ASPI which it uses that is loaded automatically with the install of Nero. if you used force ASPI then you need to use the killASPI.bat to remove it. and you may have to reinstall Nero.

.NVC is a Nero Vision Express project, make sure you download the latest Nero updates package 1 & 2 from the following link: To correct your system aspi drivers you can download the latest drivers from the following link: