Corrupt software lost drivers no cd

I bought a Touchmate Combo 7 in 1 DVD/CR-RW with USB and SD/MMC, MS, CF and SM reader, when moving house ive lost my Software CD/Drivers any help in finding these drivers would be greatly appreciated


i need help please, i bought a Touchmate Combo CD-RW/DVD-rom with card reader built in. originally i used the cd to install software in order for the card reader to work correctly… had trouble with registry. now cant find CD. any help in locating software is appreciated, model number TM-Combo71

Go to touchmate website if they have one and look up your drivers there. They should usually have the latest version on there. Download it and install and see if it work and detects your drive.

The easiest way is to go to the manufacturer’s website and download the driver. Most provide them free of charge.

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