Corrupt output - even when I've changed nothing!

I’m just want to remove the copyright warnings (etc.) from the beginning of a DVD (Scrubs season 1 disk 2) but whenever i export (test or full, with or without chaning anything) all the menus are messed up. The first language selection menu has no selectable buttons so you have to use the remote (or right mice menu) to navigate to the root menu. All the other menus are navigable but the buttons don’t ‘light up’ properly they just flicker when you select them.

It was doing this kind of thing when i tried a couple of cracked copies but seemed to be alright when i downloaded the demo so I bought the full version. This worked for the first disk of the series but now the 2nd disk doesn’t work. Any ideas?



What version of the program you use? v3.2 was released today (Oct 31 '05). Try it.

Yeah i’ve tried 3.2 and 3.2.1, exactly the same results.

If i import a DVD then change nothing and just export it does DVDremake do something by default that might be corrupting it? Cause i can’t even do that at the moment.

Could you please do a simple test. Hide all video content of the movie (right-click on the VTS with movie/extras and select “Hide all blocks”) and also convert the menus to stills (right-click on DVD item and select “convert menus to still”). You can also delete audio from menus to reduce size. Do an export and test it. Is problem still there? Please zip exported disk and email to us: dvdremake at We will take a look.

Is there a keyboard shortcut for converting menus to still? The right-mouse menu option doesn’t seem to do anything. Indeed the hide all blocks option still doesn’t seem to work either, you have to use the keyboard shortcut. The disk is still 800MB with the full menus.


There is no keyboard shortcut. Please redownload 3.2.1 - it should work.

Nope, still no luck. =/

:confused: Just tested it with freshly downloaded 3.2.1 - convert menus to still works fine. :confused:

I think I know what it is, that is to say I know it’s not the program or the disk per se. I’ve just tested with the first disk again and that hasn’t worked and, as you say, the convert menus thing should work so it must be something ‘blocking’ the program updating. I remember when I came to do the second disk, the version seemed to be an old one with an invalid code (deadc0de i believe it was), even though I’d just bought it a couple of days ago. So, either my computers playing tricks on me or I’ve got an invalid code, or something else? Urgh. Any ideas?

Try 3.2.2

Man, this is confusing. I deleted everything to do with dvdremake and ran 3.1.4 and that now works. I’ll try 3.2.2 when I’ve finally got these disks out the way.

Cheers for the help.