Corrupt MP3's

HI there!

I have been downloading MP3’s for a few years now. I am not at all educated on rippers and decoders. I can say I have never had a problem with integrity until now.

All of my MP3 songs have what sounds like “spikes” in the music. This is on all my new DL’s and all my old ones. It has even shown up on the CD’s I loaded on to my PC years ago from bought CD’s which I converted to MP3.

This only started about a month ago but the more I play the songs…the worse they get.

Does anyone have any idea what may have happened? Is it a virus or something? I am baffled.

Thanks for you help…

Jen :confused:

the old MP3s never had the problem, but now they do ? what program do you use to play them ? i would first try another and see if there’s any difference.

I use plain 'ol Winamp. I have also noticed it when I burn CD’s and replay them in my vehicle.

I have a Plextor CDR . When I copy regular CD’s there is no problem.

I do however transfer the MP3 files from my C drive to my F drive which is an 80 gig Fireball HD. I started that a year ago and did not have any spikes in the music until now.