Corrupt ISO?

I made a backup copy of War of the Worlds back in June using DVDFab Platinum, but when I tried to play Disc 2, it didn’t work. So I downloaded ISOBuster to see if there was a problem with the DVD and it shows a red X to the left of about half the files on disc 2. When I used the option to “Create a list of known errorneous sector addresses”, apparently sectors 1871648 through 2185781 are bad. I don’t know that much about DVD internals so I don’t know what’s wrong with them.

I tried re-creating the DVD with an ISO image that I had made and it came up with the same errors so I’m guessing the ISO image is corrupt.

Can anybody tell me what might be wrong with it, or how to find out, and if it’s recoverable or not? I don’t particularly want to pay for ISOBuster until I know if it’s going to be able to fix the problem and it’s not really worth buying it for one DVD anyway.