Corrupt Firmware

I think I may have corrupt firmware on my Plextor 755SA.
I’ve called tech support and they advised any firmware updater will overwrite the firmware on the chip.

However, upon trying to reflash…whether it be fw 1.08 and even trying a older fw 1.07…the flash applicator is hanging.

Anyone know the correct way to reflash possibly corrupt firmware on my plextor ?

The original Plextor drives can update the firmware from CD without the need of a computer to run an update program.

If you have another drive and can burn CDs, go to the Plextor US site and download the CD-Image “Upgrade for Non-Windows systems” and follow the instructions.

It’s not available with the latest FW but it might cure your problem and enable you to do regular updates again. Alternatively, ask Plextor US for the newest Firmware in ISO form.