Corrupt firmware LG 2164d during upgrade

Hi, I was trying to upgrade my 2164D to Ver 1.01 and something crashed, leaving my drive unrecognizable. Any suggestions or comments would be appreceated. I am thinking this is a simple fix (hopefully), however LG support and service are very mysterious. I just need to know if I can flash the original firmware again.

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Welcome to CDFreaks, If you can have access to your drive (being recognized by Windows) then you can go ahead and reflash the original firmware or even the latest one also.

I wish that were the case, unfortunately the drive is NOT recognized. So, now I have a drive which is unusable until I either find a solution for the corrupt/missing firmware, or buy a new one???

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as far as i know , if the drive is not recognized you really cant do anything , if its out of warranty then yes you must buy a new one theres just no other way to go

Windows is not important.

The drive must be seen by the BIOS, that counts.

Upon further investigation the drive is recognized, but not as a 2164D, but as a 4164B¿¿¿ Windows will recognize it after 45 seconds. and it is listed in the BIOS under booting priority. Now, is there a chance to overwrite what is there? It won’t accept the 2164D 1.01 upgrade, device mismatch…

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you should pm koba , he have some expirence on firmware patching so it will match other drives… :bigsmile:

Very true :slight_smile:

There are tools to recover dead Lite-Ons and used them in the past and recovered a few dead ones ( Lite-Ons) . But I haven’t seen any of those type of tools for LG. You might be up for a new drive.

Some LG flashers will even crossflash, so that might be an option.
Maybe you could find also an REAL DOS based LG flasher.

Also try with: