Corrupt file Reinstall

I have the newest version of anyDVD installed. And about 20 minutes after my computer turns on, I get a messages that says Corrupt file, run a virus scan then reinstall AnyDVD. I’ve done this but the message keeps coming up… Any ideas?

it may be because your using a pirated version…IE cracking it with a crack for clonedvd clone cd and anydvd
…a fix, I dont know…

its rather presumptuous to outright accuse someone of stealing software (although it was my first thought as well)

I would have gone with something more subtle such as “what version of anydvd are you running and from where did you get your key”

Take a look at this thread, I think it may be a piracy related problem.

and what nerve!!!

Reinstalling the software and buying a key would certainly fix this problem. :wink:

i only assumed what is the most obviouse answer…not to say that i dont experince the same problem

Mine newest version of anydvd works perfect without any bugs. :bow:

What do you want a medal. Shlom did you reboot when you downloaded the latest version of AnyDvd, if not download it again and reboot, that might get you going.

he’s using a crack and even posted here about it… posts 27-28
just buy the key and quit downloading cracks for it on limewire

Of course he is. Otherwise this moron wouldn’t receive the message.

a definite retard

Be careful of your judgement, I am in fact not using a pirated copy of the software, and realized that I had not rebooted after the installation. Thank you to the individual who used the forum to actually help me. The reference to a crack in other threads was simply to shut up those who were clogging the forum with whineing. I’d rather use the forum to get solid answers. After reinstalling with a reboot the program has run flawlessly as it had before.

my sinceriest appologies…
I assumed and you know what assuming does
It makes an ass out of u and me

re-booting fixed it huh?
when was that 21 minutes later?
don’t dig yourself deeper into sh1t
you’re using a crack key and actually have the nerve to ask about crack induced error messages

Wow. That was my first thought too. I can’t believe nobody else caught on. And schlong or whatever. Buy a fuckin key. Problem solved in 30 seconds or less.

I agree 100% because I was useing cracks too until just now got tired of the headache. I was getting the same message after useing the patch, so I got it for 35.00 it is a good deal. I know alot of other people on other forums that have it too and never heard any issues of a paid version. When they the programers installed the ripper part this time version that’s when they put better programing in it. So I agree pay the piper and then you’ll have no error’s. I caught on with the first post he or she made…

I used to have a cracked version too. Updated every time, no problems, no nothing. Thanks to my dumbass morals I’m now $39.00 poorer.

I used to have a cracked version too. Updated every time, no problems, no nothing. Thanks to my dumbass morals I’m now $39.00 poorer.

Well I’ll be honest if it wasn’t for the new coding that causes the file corruption error I would probably still be using but I like the fact that the cracks are worthless so they get their money and you get a great program. The developers need to keep it up and make sure the cracks are worthless like in this case.

logjon/dr who

you guys will end up getting yourselves a ban from the mods for discussing cracks. it is one of the biggest forbidden subjects on all forums. :disagree: