Corrupt File Please Reinstall Dvd Fab

Just out of curiosity, I installed the latest version of Fab Beta.
It never dawned on me to look at the Fab log folder, it states: Om 01.76: s file is corrupt, please reinstall Dvd Fab. Problem is I downloaded it from the MyCE site. Not sure if the โ€˜Oโ€™ is a zero or the letter O ie: 0m. Will try an alternate download site. What is this corrupt file?:confused:

Thatโ€™s zero minutes and 1.76 seconds I presume. :wink:

Could just be a corrupt download and these things just happen every once in a while for numerous reasons.

For the record, the links we post point to official download locations so in the very unlikely event that the official files are corrupt it will affect everyone and not just users here. :wink:


Until the bugs are worked out, I wonโ€™t be using Dvd Fab.