Corrupt DVD

Can anyone help? I was adding some mp3’s to a multisession DVD and Nero crashed. Now I can’t access the DVD, my PC doesn’t even recognise it. Have I lost my data or is there some software that will help me recover it? Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Badjools
Try ISOBuster should take care of it :bigsmile:

Have already tried IsoBuster it just tells me there is no media present!? And when I hit refresh it tells me to insert a disc.

If you have Nero’s CD-DVD Speed tool check to see if the disc as been closed may not be since it crashed while you was working with it, and if it is not then you can use DVD Decrypter to close it.

Try CDRoller. it helped me a lot of times.

Thanks for your suggestions but I think I may have to write this disc off. No matter what software I try it tells me there is no media in the drive. A friend at work said he had experenced similar problems when a multisession had crashed, so I think I’ll burn everything in one hit next time.