Corrupt DVD



I’ve burned a few DVDs with Nero 6.6 as opposed to Nero 7. There’s a difference in the actual burn; Nero 6.6 has a larger visible indentation closest to the center on all disks. Nero 7 (with functional DVDs) has a smaller disks of that sort.

Does that have anything to do with the corrupt DVDs made by Nero 6.6? Is there a way I can recover the data?


Are the DVDs all DVD +Rs or -Rs?

Why do you think they are corrupt, what indications are you getting? Have you tried them in another computer?

What utility did you use to burn the DVDs? Are they multisession?


They are DVD+R, burned with a standard setting in Nero 6, no-multisession. I’ve never had a problem burning a DVD before. I was suspecting that Nero 7 was acting up with burning CD-Rs, so I downgraded to Nero 6, burned a few data DVDs while at it, only to discover that none of them are readable. And since I’ve built up some trust for the Nero-made DVDs, I didn’t bother verifying before Shift+deleting my files.

Both of my computers take eternity to read the disks with no end result. Same story goes for IsoBuster, which isn’t able to make an image. The only other peculiarity that I’ve noticed is the larger than normal indentation from the center on each disk.

Thanks for looking into this :slight_smile:


whats your burner? and can it do disc quality scanning? , also lets see if your using quality medias , use dvdidentifier and take a screenshot