Corrupt Audio Tracks on Burned CDs



I used to record mixes of my music using Windows Media Player, but after one of the last “automatic” upgrades I now get tracks with bits missing - skipping or whatever you want to call it. How can I avoid this, or what program can I use to burn audio CDs that will play? I am pretty sure I tried Image Burn a while back, and have downloaded & tried others (Express Burn & Final Burn among them) without success. I did use the already recorded WMA files when I tried to mix & burn, and wonder if WMP “corrupted” the previously recorded files - I have about 200 CDs on the hard drive and I really hate the idea of having to re-rip all of them.

There are so many forums and threads on CD Freaks I almost don’t know where to post this! If there is a more appropriate thread, please point me in the right direction - I am a Noobie and will take a while to find my way.
“Maj Dad”