Corrupt a Wish

Saw this on another forum, it looked interesting to me.

It goes like this:

Person 1: I wish I had a car.

Person 2: Wish Granted but it doesn’t have an engine!
I wish I didn’t have an annoying brother.

Person 3: Wish Granted you have an annoying sister instead…
I wish…

Person 4: Wish Granted…
I wish…

Get it. Well if you don’t by now well you are an idiot. So lets play!

I wish that I were rich.

Wish Granted. You’re Richie Rich but you’re trapped in a comic book.

I wish for eternal happiness.

Wish granted but all other humans are destroyed in exchange for your happiness.

I wish I had a new car.

Whish granted,its a chinese moped car…

I wish this thread never to stop…

Wish granted, but hockey will become illegal :eek:

I wish a pizza

Wish granted, but the pizza will only have raw jellyfish on it with no sauce.

I wish to win the lottery!

Wish granted, but money will become illegal :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish a beer :bigsmile:

Wish granted, but the beer will be no-alcohol and skunky.

I wish that my wife owned a Porsche.

Wish granted , But the porsche came in a matchbox.

I wish that my Kids did what i say they must do (and dont ask why )

Wish granted, but they will ask a Porsche as prize :doh:

I wish a widescreen television :stuck_out_tongue:

Wish granted but you now suffer from tunnel vision.

I wish the next poster becomes a billionaire.

Wish granted, but in exchange you become as poor as a church mouse :wink:

I wish for a Quad Core PC…

Wish granted but i cannot become a billionaire as doomed to be poor the rest of my life.

I wish for a new Quad core

Arachne too funny :bigsmile:

Hehe, great minds…:bigsmile:

Anyway, back to business:

Me and rolling :bigsmile: wish for Quad Core PCs…

You didn’t corrupt my wish. Mighty selfish of you. :wink:

I did. Read again :wink: 17 posts and it’s already screwed up :bigsmile:

I did! I made you poor as a church mouse :stuck_out_tongue:

He made the next poster a billionaire not himself :wink:

Edited post #12 to make it more obvious - you’re allowed to do what I did, check post #3 :wink: