Correction: not WinXP but mediaplayer limits the quality

I just posted the article Correction: not WinXP but mediaplayer limits the quality….

ljpp used our newssubmit to tell us the following…

Hi Freaks,

I think it is very misleading to say that “Windows XP limits MP3 quality”. If the built in encoder only encodes at low…

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lets have some more news like this! i found something on the net also: AMAZING!! its now known that a Dreamcast machine cant run PS2 games. WILD! now everyone lets stop buying DC machines!! i KNEW there was something the matter with this DC machine. SERIOUS! who encodes MP3 in mediaplayer anyway!? hehehehehehehe!! C’mon guys, you MUST be able to make better postings than this. Where is the good ol’e CDR postings gone? :c

Nah i disagree, this has had a big buzz around the net lately so isnt a lame posting.

I heard though that 3rd party mp3 players have problems running in windows XP… Strange bugs etc. appear but that can also be cuz of the beta…

Actually I’ve been using quite a few different encoding apps… the only one I seem to have a problem with is Blaze Media Player… not a problem with the encoding but shutting down the application And suprisingly enough, I’m a real beta tester here :slight_smile: