Correct way to flash a 111d to TDB f/w

Hey guys, I’ve about decided to flash to TDB f/w. My only concern is accidentally destroying the drive since I’m a beginner at this sort of thing.

Can someone give me the proper sequence on this.

I have a Pioneer 111d bought retail (DVR-710) and I have flashed once to 1.19. (Easy.)

Do I just need to download 8.19 and execute it to flash, then 8.23 and execute that and I’m done?

Any mistakes to watch out for?

Thanks for any input.

You need to flash the drive with TDB 111 1.06 then flash it with TDB 111L internal firmware 8.19 then flash with 111L internal firmware 8.26. This will enable bitsetting to DVD-ROM for single layer DVD+R media. Good luck! :slight_smile:

OK. Is this a download and execute the file and follow the prompts kinda thing?

Yes, you shouldn’t have any problems with it. I would suggest you flash the drive in SAFE MODE.

Make sure you download the correct firmwares as I already mentioned in my first response to you. What you’re actually doing is crossflashing your RETAIL 710 (which is actually a PIONEER 111D drive )to a PIONEER 111L drive that will enable BITSETTING TO DVD-ROM for single layer DVD+R media by using the Buffalo firmware.

AUTO-bitsetting … not changeable.

Just to be on the paranoid side this: is where I need to go right?

Then scroll down to where it says PIONEER DVR-111D (I notice there is another PIONEER 111 without the d) and download the 1.06* (*= with kernal) and execut it and follow prompts.

Then go down one to PIONEER DVR-111L and repeat with 8.19* INT and then 8.23 INT.

Is that right?

Thanks for your answers BTW. My Q are probly getting annoying but I just don’t want to screw it up.

OK good to know, but don’t most Pio 111 folks who are experienced in DVD burning flash their Pio drives to TDB f/w?

you need to download the TDB PIONEER 111 1.06 not the 111D version. please read carefully which is why I wrote 111 1.06. :wink:

Damn, there are some fine details here. (That’s why I’m dbl checking.)

What about the rest of it:

Then go down one to PIONEER DVR-111L and repeat with 8.19* INT and then 8.23 INT.

Is that right?

Not quite. It’s the 8.26 INT you want, there is no 8.23 INT for the 111L

I did exactly like the method but somehow I can’t flash to 111L 8.26. It said something no found (I’m not at my computer at the moment couldn’t think of exact msg). I only can flash to 111L 8.19. That’s as far as I can go. Or may be I have to flash 8.26 in safe mode.

Does the drive appear to be operating OK @8.19?

Is this the error you got:

/// ODD Firmware Update Utility Ver2.35D

The guy in the thread below had a similar problem. Most likely you used the wrong version of f/w at some point, something that appears to be very easy to do without careful attention to detail.

They go over how to do it again here:

What is the relation?
It has bitsetting which is not changeable, it is done by default and auto. :rolleyes:

I did exactly what it said in here
1st downgrade to 111 1.06
2nd upgrade to 111L 8.19
3rd flash it with 111L 8.26 that what I couldn’t do and I’m stuck with 111L 8.19 :stuck_out_tongue:
Yes drive seems to work ok. Except some medias it wouldn’t even recognize them. I haven’t had time to burn DVD DL yet hopefully this weekend.

You don’t need to do this, really, we asked you to stop doing this before. If there is a problem with the current flasher DOCUMENT IT. If there is a problem with the flasher we’ll fix it.

Brother Vlad

You are probably mixing up the INT and EXT versions, they are different and the Pioneer flashers do not allow you to mix firmware varients.

Brother Vlad

Hmmm. I don’t know.

If you can’t get over that you could always flash back to 111 1.06 and then back to an official f/w.