Correct speed

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i’de like to keep on my HD some music i’ve on 3 CDs.
Using Nero software and Plextor drive 355A, what is the correct speed i must use to tranfer it to HD?

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[B][I]chef[/I][/B]; are there ‘riplock removed’ firmwares for Plextor available…?

It really doesn’t matter…as fast as the drive will go.

Slower speeds will only mean it takes longer (maybe far longer) to complete the task!

Dunno yet, do they even have riplocks?!

chef: Thank you very much for your help. By the way: what “riplock removed” means???

r44712: thank you for your help.

Some drive have reading speed limitation imposed by Manufacturer, then some modified firmware for the drive is capabale to remove this limitaion and therefore drive will operate at Maximum reading speed.

TCAS; Thank you very much!