Correct position for jumper

While I wait for my new drive to arrive, I am using a Optiarc AD-5200A.
The drive is not marked as to CS, Master, etc., on the drive case itself.
I am wondering where the jumper should be placed for the Master position. I have the jumper in the far left spot.

Here is a scan of that drive. This drive seems to be fussy about media.

The jumper block is as follows


What do you mean it’s fussy with media?

I did have it wrong! Thank you Dee! I will change it and do a few burns and post the results. :grinning:

Now that I know the jumper was in the wrong position, that might explain the average quality scan scores I was getting with different brands of
media. We will see if the change makes any difference.

Well…changing the jumper position didn’t make for a better burn as I had hoped. So it comes out and is replaced by the TDK 4800B crossflashed to a Liteon 52246S.
I burned the disc at 16x. I will post some scans with the TDK, crossflashed to a Liteon 52246S.

I am burning all these discs at 8x speed.

Smartburn is On.