Correct options for ALcohol 120

Is there emulation I have to turn on some off? I am not too sure about specifics, but help would be greatly appreicated :slight_smile:

Erm sorry I dont understand… :confused:
Plz reword the prob


Hi jaime,

is your question about how to turn on the emulations in Alcohol or in which cases you have to turn them on or off :confused:?
In the first screen after starting Alcohol you should search the Options-Tab on the left side of the screen and choose the “Emulation”-Label.
In the new window you’ll see tree kinds of emulation with a description in which cases you should turn them on or off. After you have read them all you should look under a label called “Extra Emulation”, because there are another 3 possible Emulations with a great description.
If your not shure which Emulation to use for your Game just enable all of them :slight_smile: .

I hope this can help you!