Correct me if I'm wrong, but

Alrighty then. After extensive research, I finally bought some hardware. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this should get the job done as far as DVD/PS2/PC/CD burning/playing goes:

  1. Plextor 8X DVD-RW +RW DVD Recorder

  2. Lite On 48x24x48x16 CDROM/CDRW/DVD Combo Drive LTC-48161H

  3. 80 Gb HD

  4. Matrix DVD+R 4X 4.7GB (25)

  5. DVD-R 4.7GB 1X-4X Bulk by optodisc (25)

  6. I’m going to buy a mod chip for the Ps2…How would I get that installed? I don’t know anyone that knows how, so would I just find someone and send them my ps2? If so, how do I know they won’t just keep my ps2? And how much would an installation cost?

Well anyway…that’s the hardware and media I’ve decided on. I’ll probably pick up some Memorex CD-R’s. Does the hardware above satisfy what I want to do with it? Or is there something I’m missing? Thank you for all your help.

You look like you got the right tools,just read extensively here about how to use them to their full potential…Good Luck in all your endeavors:cool: