Correct max bitrate

Ok, I am just wondering about encoding a DVD. I know the maximum bitrate for a DVD is 9800kbps, so if the audio was 384kbps then you would do 9800-384=9416(-10 for encoding inperfections)=9406kbps for video.
What I need to know is, if there where 2 audio tracks of 384kbps would I do the same as you can only play one track at a time, ot 9800-768(2x 384)-10=9022, or would I allow the 10kbps “grace” for both and have 9800(2x 384)-10(x2)=9012.


Ben :slight_smile:

The sum of your video bitrate and combined audio bitrate is the total bitrate as you have calculated. I’ve found some players though can have trouble even with a total bitrate of around 9200-9500, so I try to stay under 9200 unless I really need the extra bitrate (but you usually don’t with such an already high video bitrate). They may play fine, but if you pause or select a different audio stream the video will stutter. Best bet is to leave a wide “grace” if you can spare it.

Set max bitrate approx at 9000, not higher, to be sure most players can handle it.