Correct Jumper Settings for Asus DVD



[qanda]This thread is about the Asus DRW-1608P3S. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have an old Soltek motherboard from 2001, which still works fine.
Over the years I’ve gradually added stuff, and now I have 3 hard drives and the Asus DVD. 2 of the HDs are 300gb and are mainly used for storage, although one of them has now been recently formatted and contains nothing; this is the drive I want to reinstall XP on to.

The 3rd drive is 40gb and holds 2 dual boot XP operating systems, IE I either boot to xp on a 4gb “C:” drive (FAT), or boot into xp on a 35gb “D:” drive (NTFS). Both of these OSs need to go, but as of late I haven’t succeed in doing this. For whatever reason the DVD is not recognized when I try to use the system disk after the first reboot the screen just goes blank, or I get something called Caldera DOS coming up - totally useless.

Through the command prompt I discovered the instructions were in German!
I suspect this comes from the BIOS as the computer wasn’t seeing anything, but I’m not really sure as all the drives appeared in the boot up window.

Anyway - I’m getting there; I removed the small drive with the 2 OSs and tried to connect the empty drive and the DVD but would like to know what should the jumper setting be and where they are: I have 5 pins.
Does anyone know what each one is for, starting from left to right please.
And what the jumper settings on the Hard drive as well should be - I’d prefer it to be mater and the DVD slave, but the position of them seems like that would be difficult.
Can anyone explain to me the placement of these pins, as I’ve read up to my neck about Cable Select, Master, Slave and whatnot without anyone pointing to a diagram and saying this is the Master position for the jumper pin. There is no explanation nor diagram or anything whatsoever on the DVD that helps.

Currently I’m receiving long beep error messages then I see nothing, or if it shows anything I get that strange DOS. This prevents me installing XP on to the large 300gb empty hard drive. (yes I do have a system disk)

Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions/info you have.



If you have both the HDD and the burner on the same IDE cable, put the HDD on the end with it set to master and the burner in the middle set to slave. If you have them on separate IDE cables with nothing else on the cable, set both to master. Go into your bios and set the boot order to have the CD(DVD burner) to boot before the HDD. Save and Exit.With the CD you want to boot with in the drive, start hitting the return key at boot up and it should work.

I don’t know what the error code (long beep) at boot up is. You can go to the Soltek web site to find out. It may be because you have the IDE cable in the wrong slot or you may have to reset the cmos .


Thanks, but I tried that and it didn’t work. Just got a blank screen.
I’m guessing as to what those pin settings are, and where they are located, I’m using the middle then none…
Which pin is the Slave on the DVD?


Usually, on both HDDs and ODDs, there’s a diagram on the actual drive showing the various jumper settings (usually Master, Slave, and Cable Select).


And, failing that, searching the Web using Google usually gets you to a manufacturer’s site where they have the jumper diagram. :slight_smile:

What hard drives do you have [list models, please]? And what model Asus drive do you have? We might be able to help you find them. :iagree: