Correct Frame of Mind When Cooking

One time, my chum, who is taking up culinary arts, agreed to teach me how to cook some of his favorite meals. He gave me a list of meals, but, I did not know most of them. According to him, most of those meals are Russian foods that their professor told them. Since, I’m not familiar with those foods, he selected the recipe that he would lecture me.

Before cooking the so-called Best Siberian Pelmeni from Magic Mold, we arranged all the materials that we would need in his large kitchen. Then, we went to the marketplace to get the ingredients that we need and went back home to start cooking. While preparing the delicious meal, he was teaching some techniques on how that recipe is being cooked. According to him, I should be in a better mood because sooner or later my mood will be reflected back to the taste of my finished product. At first, I was tittering because I supposed he was joking. But it turned out to be right because when I cooked the recipe few weeks ago with a bad mood, the food was so awful and its taste was ridiculous. Thus, from that time on, I assured myself that I should be in the right mood whenever I cook something.

so how much do you make per click?

never bake garlic bread when your pissed…

i woke up 6hrs later with the house stinking of burnt garlic & a brown/black hard brick in the oven, the ex wasn’t too pleased.

last time i did that :bigsmile:

I thought chum was the stuff in the buckets of fish innards and heads that people used to lure sharks nearby. Oh well:p . My frame of mind when cooking is “Ill screw it up anyways, so oh well”. The only thing that I have mastered in cooking is Spaghetti. I can make a great spaghetti sauce, not to brag, but its true. However, if I try anything else that doesnt have clear instructions, I screw it up. I either kill the flavor, I burn it to a crisp, or I screw up in some other way.

do NOT eat the yellow snow

I haven’t tried… :sad:

I would say that he is probably right (and if he is making money per click, he wont make any with me discussing it here if I don’t click it). If you are in a beter mood you will probably cook beter. Atention to detail (little details that are not in the recipy) are important. If your mind is on other things, you are going to screw up.
About cooking when your are drunk, never cook hard boiled eggs over high heat when drunk. When you wake up hours later, the smoke in the house will be nearlly unbreathable (you will have to rush outside). The stench (not a teribble stench but a distastfull, strong burned stench) will haunt your house for a week (of course it could have been the non stick pan that nearlly burned up that caused that).

I like cooking bacon naked!

My frame of mind is … take the battery out of the smoke detector …

I’m quite surprised your mind has a frame.
Or is it just “framed” constantly? :slight_smile:

It’s a bit bent, so it’s a very funky shape … think … a circle with stars punched out occasionally … very unorthodox.

Silly commercials: “Think outside the frame!” Why? My frame can encompass anything silly marketting departments can throw at it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ugh, indeed. I hate those crappy one-liners as well

“There is no I in team!” Sure buddy. But there is ME, MEAT and EAT. Who fucking cares? There is no Bullshit in Management as well, but why does so much crap keep coming out then?

“Think outside the box” What box? Am i sitting in a box? And what if i am, stupid box! Mexicans live in boxes and they wanna get out. Are you referring to me as a poor sod?

“Jesus saves!”. No he’s not. Jesus is a poor Spanish guy stealing the tires of cars somewhere in Brasil. I’m not even sure Jesus has a bank account.

If you want a laugh about “cooking in the right frame of mind,” and assuming the translation of “Like Water for Chocolate” is accurate in English, you’ll get a kick out of where the girl is cooking, but the beans won’t boil for her “because they were mad at her.” So she had to sing to the beans–then they started boiling and cooking normally! ROFL! Talk about having to be in the right frame of mind to cook! :bigsmile: