Correct Erase mode writing DVDRW?

Hi All,

I read that the results on RW leaves room for improvement on this drive.
I came to the following conclusions

  • Quality score around 90 is to be expected on used media. Brand new ones get higher scores
  • Full erase must be done at the lowest speed, namely 2.4X. Faster speed would result in PI/PIF in the order of 1000’s
  • We can recover by formatting again at the lowest speed, ragaining quality score in the range of 90

Would you experts, die-hard enthusiasts, bored users :slight_smile: help me confirm those rules and eventually answer these additional questions :

  • Should we always use Quick erase instead of full erase ?
  • When doing Quick erase should we choose the lowest speed or maximum speed will do ?

Following are two scans.

  • 1rst is after a full erase at maximum speed
  • 2nd is recovery of the same media after a full erase at 2.4X (same results are ontained either on Ricoh W11 or Verbaim A02)

Thanks for your comments and clarification.

Maybe some of this problems are media-specific ?

Here is the sort of scan I get after a second burn on brand new DVD+RW verbatim 4x :

Whether I make a full format at 4x or no format between the 2 burns gives the same result.
The first write was okay at 4x with quality score > 95, it is the rewriting which has troubles.

The only way to make it work again is to format and burn at 2.4x, and gives poor results :confused:

I’m glad that I’m not the only one having problems with the Verbatim MKM A02. I experienced the same behaviour as Moris, first burn is OK (>90), second regardless of quick- or full erase is usually 0-50. Therefore I dumped all my verbatim RWs & switched to RICOHJPN W11 (Fuji) – with this media I’ve no problems so far.

Scan 1: Verbatim MKM A02, first burn
Scan 2 etc.: Verbatim MKM A02, after one or more full erase cycles
Last Scan: RICOHJPN W11 after multiple full erase cycles

PS: never used the reformat option, only erased @ max speed (=4x),

  • full erased the RICOHJPN W11 at least 5x

I think you can return to better fortune full erasing the Verbatim at 2.4X

Not sure what you guys are doing, but I have only had excellent results with 4x +rw media (MKM A02, Ricohjpnw11, Philips 041) on my Benq.
New media always score high (typically 95%). Only discs that have been used before, give lower scores. These scores improve as you write the discs more often with the Benq. I have not even tried formatting at a lower speed. No need for full formatting either, just a fast format and then burning a new compilation works.
You can’t really blame the Benq for lower scores if you use ‘old’ media. And of course, there can be differences between batches and individual discs. But I cannot believe how well the Benq writes +rw; it is in a class on its own compared to every burner (starting with the first HP cd writer) I have ever used.

FYI: I (re-)use dozens of +rw’s on a daily basis and I have not had a read error or skipping movie since I started using the Benq.


The 3 of the above posters started with a new disk.
I personally didn’t notice the problem until I made a full erase.

You never used full erase. I think this would explain the different experience.

I’ll give multiple burns a try.

Thanks for the information.

I have the same problem with at least 5 of my MKM A02 and Philips 041 :frowning:
Full erase at 2.4x often solve it

Not quite true, I did use full erase a couple of times, trying to to get ‘old’ discs to behave better in my Benq, but I found it did not work for me. So now I just write over them.

Thanks. This answers point #4 of my first post.
How do the scans look like after , say, 5-10 burns with your RW ?

Thanks again for responding.

I do not keep track of how often I write to each disc… some more than others, and I do not even look at the brand anymore since they all keep playing perfectly in my Philips 630/632 standalones. But I will try some scans as soon as I have time.

As promised, I have scanned some +rw’s I frequently use, and found that even though they all still play fine in my Philips 630 and 632 standalones, some have survived better than others.
The scan shows a Philips 041 that still looks super. I also scanned a couple of Verbatim MKM A02’s and found much lower scores (70’s and even 50’s) with lots of PIF’s. The dvd’s still play fine, but the quality is low and a full format did not make much difference.
Still have to check Ricohjpnw11.

You’re lucky beacause I often have some problems with MKM A02 and my philips 720 standalone. Indeed, the end of the RW is often unreadable :frowning: (problems arrive often beetween 2 and 3 Go and sometime from the start)

Yep, those 630 standalones really help a lot. I think the philips 642 is similar in the US.

This is a disk (Memorex brand in jewel case) that i use to back-up my .exe’s, pics, documents, etc… I’ve full erased and burned it around 140 times in the last 4 or 5 months. No problems with it so far. Not sure if burning movies would be harder on them or not.

JPNW11 has its own writing strategy in the firmware. That
could explain why there are less problems with it than MKMA02.
What do you think?

i always let nero erase my sony D11’s…and have never had a bookype issue. i let nero do it when i tell it to burn.

You are probably right. :wink:

+/-RW write strategies seem to be more complicated than regular DVD+/-R´s, and the basic (on disc) prerecorded OPC values are unfortunally not enough for BenQ…
And in my opinion, BenQ 1620 is crap compared to other DVDRW drives when it comes to +/-RW burning. :frowning:

Even stranger. Write strategy for this media is incorporated in NEC-3500 2.18 firmware (dated nov-04). :stuck_out_tongue:
Let´s hope you will get a firmware write strategy with next BenQ firmware release.

BTW, have you tried email BenQ support and ask for it.? :cool:

nobou, why don’t you just burn this media with your NEC 6500… :smiley:

Would Benq support supersede Benq supporters ? :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your experience. There is something rotten in the kingdom of Benq RW, IME.

I agree and it’s a pity because BenQ has made a good work with +/-R

Good idea, I will send it an email in order to explain the problem.

I received it yesterday and I just begin to test it with JPNR02 and MCC003. RW will be next tests :wink: The quality will maybe be better :smiley: