Correct EFM Encoding - copy vs. write?

If you try to copy a cd with a burner that doesn’t support Correct EFM Encoding, you’ll get bad data because the bits have been corrected by the drive. How am I doing so far? :slight_smile:

If I downloaded a game from Usenet (say a .ccd) and wrote the game to a cd, would Correct EFM Encoding come into play? Would the game be playable from the CD or would the drive trash the burn because Correct EFM Encoding wasn’t supported?


I do belive that what you are asking is something that is againest the rules of the forum. I maybe wrong but I don’t think so.

Even writers not supporting EFM may make working backups if you enable “Amplify weak sectors” in CloneCD.

If you read to the image yourself or download a image read from an original disc makes no difference since it’s the writing that’s the problem and not reading.

So what you’re saying is: The Forum is living a lie. Fast recorders, packs of 50 and 100 CD-Rs, using CloneCD, Nero; this is all so a person can backup a few games they purchased at a store? :slight_smile: Hardly. Anyway I said ‘If’. The entire CD-R industry is alive and well because of warez and usenet. The industry would die, and so would this forum, if these sources didn’t exist.

Reminds me a bit of the comments made by the author of NewsBin Pro. He talks about downloading sweet little pictures and then copying them on to your CD. I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I read that. :bigsmile:



If I downloaded a game from Usenet (say a .ccd) and wrote the game to a cd,

Dane, what i was going on about was this part of your post. If you download it then you dont OWN it!

If you download an image to which you don’t own the original, then it would be illegal and not allowed on this forum.

From what I can understand from OC-Freak is that it makes no difference whether you download an image or make an image of the original yourself, if your writer does not support AWS you will not get a working backup.

The only reason (legal that is) for downloading an image is when you own the original and that is so terribly scratched that you yourself cannot back it up. Any other reason would be illegal.

As for the discussion whether or not the industry would be alive or not if it wasn’t for warez, I am not going into that. Warez is illegal and thus not allowed on this forum, period. :cop:

Originally posted by Da_Taxman
Warez is illegal and thus not allowed on this forum, period. :cop:

Because it can get CDFreaks into trouble, just like what happened in the past… We don’t want that anymore! Do you?


I know this is offtopic , but since the discussion suddenly goes about copy , warez and stuff like that i’ll give my 2 cents :

Nobody will never ever OWN a game or program , because the only owner is the author. (Unless of course the owner sold it at you or a company)

We are talking about LICENSES to use it.

And it IS possible to download it and pay for the license. Even when it’s usenet , ftp or whatever.

There are programs that you can download and pay the license afterwards. (ShareWare for instance)

The COPYRIGHT (the people who have permission of the owner to copy the product a given amount of times for a defined purpose) is something enormously different than the LICENSE.

The method how Dane it brought it (saying he downloaded a .ccd file) indeed implies a little that he is using an unlicensed , illegal and maybe modified copy of the program. BUT it was an example. So so far i do not see anything illegal in his question.

Okay I stand correct on what I have siad as it look like I have made one or two mistakes.