Correct buffer level

I was wondering what exactly the buffer level in nero is. My starts out at 98-97% and then starts to flucuate down to about 98-95%. Is this normal and if not will this pose any possible problems. I never get errors. I was just curious as i dont rember my older version doing this so much…

Probably due to small hold-ups in system usage that cause a slight interruption in data flow - as long as the buffer on the drive does not empty no problem, also no problem if buffer-underrun protection is on - the data flow can stop for ages and it won’t matter (there must be a small glitch on the cd, but this seems not to matter)

As icey has already mentioned this is quite normal, you shouldnt be concerned :wink:

Aight sounds good, cuase i noticed b4 my system crashed (Do to a lightning storm) i re-installed windows xp and wrote over the whole system folder so i had to re-install nero so i decided to upgrade. But b4 it would never go lower then 97%… And plus my burners been acting up lately…
thanks for the info guys