Correct Buffalo 8.58 External FW

Would this be the right one? Ver. Ver.8.58
登 録 名 dvmrdm16iu2_fw858.exe as opposed to dvmrdm16fb_fw858.exe?

Forgot to add this is for a DVR-109 in a firewire enclosure…

Do you know what you are doing and what do you want to achieve…?

I put my 109 in an external firewire/usb2 enclosure and was looking to flash it from 8.58 int to 8.58 ext. Not sure if it makes a difference or not.

Connect it internally, then flash. Use DVRFlash 2.2.
What commandline do you want to use?

Ah ok the problem is to connect it internally then put back in the enclosure. Crap had a feeling I had to do that. Well that’ll have to wait cause I only have one good arm right now. By the way was the fw I asked about above the right one?

Does the burner work correctly in the enclosure with the 8.58 i?
If yes, then you must not flash with the other firmware…

Actually it does so I better leave well enough alone. There was something else I was wondering about. I just installed a 110D as Secondary Master and if I shut my computer down and then start it minutes or hours later the tray ejects by itself. I’ve never had that happen with any of my drives and am trying to figure out why.

Sounds weird, maybe some prefs in the BIOS let this happen…

Is it running in UDMA4 mode?

Problem solved. Believe it or not it was one of the drive covers on my case pressing on the eject button. So I just took out the drive covers. Now I just have to keep the wife out of my office cause she can now see how many drives I have. :wink: Oh also yes the drive is udma4.

Good. :wink: