Corporate deception

When Sony & Microsoft released the xbox & PS2 …over the years they realised people can softmod their consoles at ease…
they realised this was a risky concern for “lost profits” now firmware updates has now become a big thing…
so to be able to use there services you are forced to update the entire system.
when I heard an entire system update is required…I knew this was deception without a doubt
this was a way for the company to fix “errors” they thought they made.
hell sony even added the parasite known as cinavia in there firmware…and people happly installed it…all for the glory of a service…lol
what would you do for a klondike bar?

This is where the evil takes place…
people “not knowing better” always sucks up to the situation and update to be able to use the console services.
the real evil is you cant undo the actions you have done. It is literally taking advantage of peoples “humbleness”
sadly people agree and dont know better. Updates for the most part is aimed to thwart piracy…thats really the entire reason
software updates exist…its always been about money…and always will be no matter who gets hurt in the process.
if your console is modded…do not trust any company with updates. I remember when Microsoft had this thing where to play
.avi files or mp4 any video format other then wmv you needed to have XBOX live…microsoft musta been really desperate to make people try
xbox live…now recently Microsoft allow users to play any video format but this is a prime example how far a corporation will go
to deceive you.

It’s the typical nature of all ransomware, too. Years ago, we had Epson RX595 printers that had a “phone home” service in the driver, and there may have been an attempt by Epson to update our printer’s firmware to better detect non-Epson ink cartridges. We re-installed the printer and its base firmware and drivers, then used our firewall to disallow “to or from Epson” connections. We never had Clone Cartridge “errors” again where we had dozens in the months prior to this move.

Ransomware. Altering firmware. Viruses. There’s not a lot of difference - a way to grab more money for services few if any consumers would voluntarily purchase.

It’s the old “nickel & dime” routine that shady mechanics and IBM popularized as “business models”.

It sure sux the way you have to update other programs in order to update the other updates and more and more commercial products like buy my ink buy the new and improved program. Greedy companies do not have a care in the world for anything but money.( don’t get me going on tool bars) :Z

Luckily not even all companies together cannot even begin to fathom the power of single curious users. If these single curious users start to tinker and share their thinkings they will unravel each and every hurdle you throw at them. Then there’s the power of communicating through the internet…

This is how all devices that peak interest get hacked. Because they found out. They even made them better.

My car satnav can play Monkey Island, read PDF files and play mp3 music. Not because of the company that made it. Because people found it it contained Windows CE and unlocked it purposes. It took me 5 minutes to notice the possibilities.

My Wii can play dvd video discs. It was never intented to do so. Yet the parts made it possible. My Xbox 1 was a webserver. A freaking web server…

And yes, my DVD burner can rip at full speed. It can play every damn dvd region movie i want to. Why? Becuase the folks here made it possible to do so.

i would like the option of being able to mod out the stuff i buy. if sony don’t want to let me use PSN for doing it, so what? i still think i should have the option. it’s like they think they own my product, even though i paid for it. i guess i just own it “under license,” and it’s actually sony’s “intellectual” property. even though i paid for it. i have an extra PS3 sitting around in pieces because it got the YLOD. if anyone’s interested, pm me i will let it go for the right price. old fat system, even has one of the old pre 3.55 firmwares on it.

anyway, yep. that’s just the way it’s always been. companies are in business to make money and a lot of em don’t care about satisfaction of the end user, just their profits. kind of like the mpaa, riaa and all the other ones.

don’t you guys think so though too? shouldn’t you be able to opt out of this firmware update nonsense and use what you paid for? cinavia don’t mean jack. every drm method has been broken in due time. attempts to control what customers do with the products is futile at best.