Corporate animals

Hi all,

recently I had to (again) read to my little son from its favourite book “Dinosaurs of the World” (or something like that).

They mentioned two species (found in Australia), where I thought at first “this must have been a fake”

[li]One is Atlascopcosaurus ( named after Atlas Copco[/li][li]The other one was Quantassaurus (, named after the australian airline Quantas[/li][/ul]

Do you know other animals that were named by sponsors?

Have fun,

Humans named by God and made in his image.

Fedexia Striegeli

[QUOTE=pepst;2552700]Fedexia Striegeli[/QUOTE]Nice find :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=samlar;2552692]Humans named by God and made in his image.[/QUOTE] Last time i checked God didn’t sponsor us that much, but we keep sponsoring the people who claim to be closer than our diety than ourselves.