Corel promises better video quality with Win DVD 9

I just posted the article Corel promises better video quality with Win DVD 9.

Yesterday Corel announced the latest release of WinDVD called WinDVD 9 Plus Blu-ray. WinDVD is a DVD and video playback software for PCs. The newest version features a new interface, new video…

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So when are they going to update LinDVD?

Nice promises. And they even go as far as to tell you which graphic card technologies they support. But NO ONE tell you under which operating system. So you can actually end up being scr*wed BIGTIME. I got myself a G35, only to notice that PowerDVD didn’t support my graphics driver. The card it did. A little reading then told me, i had to use Vista and the Vista Driver… DOH. Now i’m looking for new hardware.