Corel mandates update to counter AACS cracks



I just posted the article Corel mandates update to counter AACS cracks.

According to a news published at Digital Trends, Corel asked for a mandatory upgrade for WinDVD software following the recent crack of AACS protection on HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs.As anyone can…

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that sucks, what about the people that dont have internet, or all the stand alone players that people bought. forcing someone to repurchase again in order to watch the newest videos… tsk tsk tsk


You don’t need an update for your drive or player. What Corel said originally is that you need to get the WinDVD update from the company you bought your drive or PC from. Essentially, if WinDVD came bundled with your Sony PC… you get the update from Sony.


Corel! Hmmm! Corel the company that falsley touted it’s stock of a worthless company causing 1000’s of people to lose millions of dollars.


the “software patch” is mandatory? how would windvd on my pc even know of the patch? its not like i let my firewall give it access to the internet…


Interesting. I don’t seem to remember AnyDVD-HD (or DVD Fab’s equivalent) requiring that WinDVD be installed. Seems to me it’s a waste of time now, nobody needs WinDVD to decrypt the discs…