Corel Artshow 3/4 files



How can you open Artshow 3 and Artshow 4 files in CorelDRAW!8?


use the Corel Draw 12 that will work for you


yes right :iagree: :cool:


That’s quite unbelievable… somebody digs up a 5-year old thread, gets himself an account at the web’s best forum and replies to just that thread… :stuck_out_tongue:


sorry I was showing to a friend of mine how posting in a forum( he never made it) and search so …at random a post and he didn’t look at the time of the post…

sorry :o :o :o :o I hope you are not angry :bigsmile:


Hahahaha maybe [B]DanDaMan1487[/B] is still waiting for a reply to his thread??? Now he can’t say his thread was never answered!!! The web’s best forum can also claim there will be no thread’s left unanswered :slight_smile:


Thanks for answering my question! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot.


Hey cip, do you still use CorelDraw?