Core temps (Intel Q6600)


I have an Intel Q6600 G0 CPU with core temps of 40-47 Celsius (according to Core Temp) at idle.

Are these temps OK?

I’d also like your opinion regarding the placement of my computer case.
The case has 2 120mm fans, 1 at the back and one at the front. The front of the case has a door.

Check out the photos:

  1. What do you think about the core temps? Can I overclock with such temps?

  2. What do you think about the placement of the computer case? Does it have enough room to “breathe”?

  3. Should I leave the front case door open or closed? Rememember there’s an intake fan at the front…

If you aren’t having issues with the processor then why worry about it? Are you overclocking it?

As for the fans, make sure the front fan is sucking air into the case and the rear one is blowing it out. Also, it won’t hurt anything to leave the front door open to insure the best air flow. Additionally, it your case can accommodate more fans then installing them might help lower temperatures of all components.

You really [U]don’t[/U] want to leave the door on the case, while the cpu has its own fan the components on the MB do not, so the airflow is generated by the case fans.

Your idle CPU temps sound kinda high, what cooler is on your cpu?

There are a few things you can do, one is to upgrade your cpu cooler. Secondly I would check in your MB’s bios to see if the cpu voltage control is set it AUTO, if its at auto the MB might be automatically raising the voltage when it doesn’t need to. Another thing to do would be update your BIOS, there can be bugs in old bios firmware that screws things up (like voltage control.

UTR: No, I’m not overclocking it. At least not yet.
eric93se: I have a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus. Applied thermal paste is Arctic Silver 5.
System Voltage Control is set to Manual, and CPU Voltage Control is set to Normal. I don’t know how much voltage Normal is.

The stock speed voltage is around 1.3-1.35V.

Because those chips are known to be hot running, people like to find the lowest voltage they can run them at and that will lower the running temps.

If you want to try this, the first thing you have to do is download and install the latest bios for the MB. Then download Memtest86+ Link make a bootable CD or USB stick with one of the image files. That program you use before booting into the operating system, let it run for ~10 minutes to make sure the memory is not creating errors. Also download Prime95 Link when you install the program select “just stress testing”. When you run the stress tests with that program there will be 4 ‘workers’ running and you just have to keep checking it to make sure non of the workers have stopped (little icon turns red).

So you begin by going into your bios and you lower the voltage to your CPU, then boot to the Memtest disc and run that and make sure there are no errors, then boot into your operating system and run prime95 for 10-15 minutes and make sure its stable. You can also use CoreTemp to monitor you temperatures and whatever progress you will be able to see that in the temperatures getting lower. link

edit: I corrected my previous post and added the word “don’t”, as in you don’t want to leave the case door open.

I’m confused regarding the front case fan. Should I, or should I NOT keep it open?
Does it take enough air with the door being closed?

According to Core Temp, the current voltage (VID) is 1.2625V. I’ve ran both Memtest and Prime95 for a few minutes, and they both showed no errors. I will try reducing the voltage now.

Edit: OK, I realized that Core Temp’s VID is simply the stock temp. The actual temp, according to CPU-Z, was 1.184v. When running Prime95 at 100% load (in-place large FFTs), the core temps were 72-77.
After lowering the Vcore to 1.1v, the core temps are 58-63.

How long should I let Prime95 to see that it’s stable?
BTW, I have yet to run a Memtest with the new voltage. Before the change in Vcore, a 9 minutes scan showed no errors.

you used the word temp there several times, you ment volts.

Wow if you can go that low and be stable then thats great. Some people are hard core and run prime95 for 24 hours, if your willing go for 2-4 hours, its up to you. You should also run memtest for 2 passes.

Nice results there, as long as its stable!