Core 2 duo



can anyone help me
what is the difference between intel core 2 duo and intel viiv core 2 duo

thankyou :doh:


The difference is that Core 2 Duo is the name of Intel’s latest processor range.

and ViiV is a technology used by Core 2 Duo’s


ok so the viiv is for entertainment pc’s right
i want the pc for gaming so is it best to get “core 2 duo” or "viiv core 2 duo"


Its the same cpu, ViiV is just a certification that components (most on the motherboard) meets Intel’s specifications.
If you could tell me where you live (country) I can give you some hints on hardware.


i am in england
i was thinking of getting my pc from dell or somone
it was just that the viiv and normal are the same price so could not see the difference
so it makes no difference which one i get as they are the same