Cordless mouse/keyboard package

I’m going to buy a cordless mouse/keyboard package as a birthday present for my mom (yes, seriously) :iagree:

Now, I really don’t know much about cordless keyboards and mice, maybe somebody could help me with those questions:

  1. Is Logitech the best or should I also consider buying Microsoft?
  2. Should I buy 27 MHz or 2.4 GHz technology? (We have a lot of WLANs and Bluetooth devices in this area, so I fear that there would be interference.)

The shops in my area are carrying following desktop sets:

Logitech Cordless Desktop EX 110
Logitech Cordless Desktop LX 300
Logitech Cordless Desktop LX 500
Logitech Cordless Desktop S 510
Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 3000
Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5000

Thanks in advance!

I have the Logitec MX. I love it. I’ve used it for over 1 yr. Nice features and quality.

Are you talking about the mouse or a desktop set? I have MX 310 and MX 510 mice too, but these have their cable, so I’m not experienced with cordless stuff…

ive done a review on the logitech S510 if that would help. If she isnt going to be using the mouse for extended periods of time i;d say go for the s510. Oh and wireless internet signals etc wont be affected in the slightest by this set as its Radio frequency technology. I believe wireless internet is something different. If it means anything, i havent seen any difference in signal at my house. If you are conscerned about people hacking what shes typing the s510 makes what you are typing secure somehow. when i installed mine it asked to enter a 16 digit key that was on the screen to make the connection secure. the reason why i didnt go for a microsoft keyboard was because they seem to be quite chunky.

I’m not really that farmiliar with those particular models of cordless keyboards ( I already have too many keyboards including a couple of cordless ones to think about getting another), but about the mice, I would go with the mx3000 or mx5000 sets because of the laser mice. I have used several optical mice (logitech, microsoft, ge, memorex, etc.) and while I was generally happy with a few of them when I was using them (except the microsoft one that worked fine at first but started messing up and then crapped out in less than 6 months), The second I tried a laser mouse, I knew that I would never touch an optical mouse again. I have been using the mx610 laser mouse for a little while now and just love it (beter than any optical I have ever tried by far). It tracks quite smoothly and reliablly. I just now though I would test the range, using it on a box of diapers, the side of a tub of diaper wipes, the side of a cooler, whatever was handy at diffrent ranges. It worked just fine across the room (past about 12 feet I couldn’t see the mouse cursor but I could see things getting highlited as it moved across the sceen). Battery life is beter than any cordless optical I have used. Also, I use to use a piece of paper or a mouse pad with opticals as while they would track ok on my desktop (wood grain vinyl), they would track a little beter on a piece of paper (I don’t like using mouse pads). The laser mouse seems to track well on anything (more so than opticals) and tracks perfect on the desktop. In fact it even tracks across my hand pretty well!!! I’m sure that the half dozen (give or take) opticals are not representitive of eferything out there, but the mx610 is beter than any optical I have ever used.
I would assume that the mx 1000 mouse (in the mx5000 set) would be beter than mine as it is a more expensive model. The mx 600 (in the mx3000 set) doesn’t seem to be sold seperatlly but looks to be similar to the mx 610 from what I can tell just looking quick on logitech’s site.