i am a newby in dvd burning. I have a LiTeon LDW 851s GSOH and i use CopyToDVD for burning.
Is that a good choise or shud i change the burn software?


Hard to tell because I don´t know what you are burning most.

I think your drive came with RecordNow DX, a good burning program for all purpose… :wink: [Se my signature for more info.]

Latest Nero is also god choice in many ppl´s opinion.

DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink (freeware), are also popular by some, when transcoding movies.

I burn dvd movie bacup-s for the most.
I use dvd decrypter and dvd Shrink for shrinking DVD to DVD5. And then CopyToDVD for burning.

Nero 6 and DVD Shrink is what I use

If CopyToDVD works for you then use it. It’s a very easy to use software and excellent for people who are not that experienced and for people who just want a simply tool to burn their DVDs for them. Myself, I use DVD Decrypter and CloneDVD 2 for re-authoring and burning.