I love this program, but everytime I use it, it locks up the computer at between 2-5% of the burn process. Has this occurred with anyone else, or is this a problem that is easily fixable. I have burned successfully with both Nero and Alcohol, but love the simplicity of Copy to DVD and want to use it. Also it has gotten under my skin and don’t particularly care at this moment how many coasters I burned, but am determined to make it work. Any help appreciated.

Computer Sony Laptop 1700xp, 256 Mem, Sony external DVD writer 510 model, and two external 120 gig HD. Is there a conflict using the external devices?:confused:

Can you please post a log file ? Also download the newest copy2dvd on and download that log please.


Yeah I am going to try the new version, just downloaded it. I will post a log once I get it to do something. There is rreally no log to copy as it locks the computer up tight, where I have to shutdown with the power button, very bad…

When CopyToDVD starts to burn you can click on the “details” button and you will see what CopyToDVD has found and what it will do.
Maybe overhere you will see something (e.g. error messgae) that will solve your problem.

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