When burning a dvd i use CopyToDVD. It has worked brill, quick and fine untill 2 days ago. Everytime i try burning a dvd im getting this error message:

“The project might be imcompatible to the DVD video standard, and may not work. Do you want to continue anyway??”

In need of help a.s.a.p cheers. As i said i have never had problems untill a few days ago, cheers.


What type of media are you using? What files are you trying to burn, I need more information to help you.


Cheers for the reply.

To convert them im using WinAvi, never ever had problems with it. It Converts it into VOB, IFO and BUP files. DVD-R disc wise im using DataWrite. ( May i add, i have tried other cds which worked prev and still getting the same error come up. )


maybe because you are choosing to burn a data DVD in stead of video DVD.

From the main interface of CopytoDVD select Movies and pictures, then Write DVD Video.

Could that be it?


I do that anyway. I have never had problems on how io have done it untill a few days back where im getting an error!!

Deos ANYBODY know a program simliar to copytodvd where it burns just as quick as copytodvd.



This warning is caused by some files missing form your DVD structure.
Can you post the list of files (VOB, IFO, BUP) in your VIDEO_TS folder?


Hi guys I’m new to the copytodvd also and have received the same error. However, I have the copytodvd se from LG that came w/1 Click dvd Copy 5. Now I noticed I get this error when I add my folder containing all the movies I have backed up and want to burn. Does CopytoDVD only upload 1 vts folder and files at a time to burn? Or does it somehow have a way to use some sort of Queue like ImgBurn where I can load several folders and just burn them w/out loading 1 at a time?

Right now I can’t even set the automatic write speed w/copytodvd se and I have to manually delete the folder I just burned to add another one. Too much time wasted and a pita also. I’m reading the tutorial per Shannon’s post on my other thread , but still am lost. Not really that explanatory to tell you the truth.

Can’t even use the depot function which I think is where you can send multiple vts folders/files and then copy from there.

I need help w/this and as always your help is very much appreciated. Thnx. :confused: :a