CopyToDVD Write Speed

I have a request for a very small addition to CopyToDVD - please add a write speed selector to the writer selection menu (ie, when I right click on a folder then CopyToDVD). Why would I need this when the speed is set in the options and why can’t I just set it to max? Because drives like my Pioneer sometimes likes to try and burn DVDs at higher than rated speeds - so 8x will burn at 12x. Its a pain to keep having to go into the options! Please add!

Hi there,

Every burning software kinda works all the same when it comes to burning speed. Here’s my 2 cents on it.

Each time you insert a different media in your burner, the MAX speed will change.

I have a 16x burner.
If I insert an elto cheapo 4x media, sometimes the effective speed will be x4.0 and sometimes it will say x2.0 because it tests the media everytime you add a disk in your burner.

If you insert quality media like Taiyo Yuden (x8) it might want to burn at x12 or x16.

So yes, it might be anoying, but everytime I burn a media, VSO CopyToDVD, VSO DivXtoDVD, Nero Burning Rom always display the effective speed, then I drop it down to what I want (x2 usually).

Unless you force your drive not to write faster than x4 all the time in Drive Settings, I think CopyToDVD has that !

Does this all make sence, or I just lost you completly ?

Humm I think I just lost myself too :slight_smile:

It kinda mkes sense, but its the fact that if I want to go and change the write speed, I always have to go into the options and what I want is a drop down list on the front screen! I have some datawrite 8x DVDs which my Pionner 109 thinks it can burn them at 12x, so if CopyToDVD is set at MAX, it will burn them at 12x, but I want to burn them at 8x (i did some quality tests myself and found 8x to be much better). Then again, if I have some 16x media, thats the speed I want to burn them at.

Hi again,

Last time I tried CopyToDVD, I had the option of changing the speed and media type right on the bottom bar.

When I insert a 4x media, yes I will see MAX but I will also have x4 and x2 as a selection on the bottom.

It’s been a while, so sorry if I don’t quite understand what screen you are refering too.

I’ll need to buy it if I want to use it and learn it more :slight_smile:

No probs cougar_ii. Its not the main app I’m talking about. Its after right-clicking on a folder in explorer. Its the attached screen where I think theres a need!

Your words have been heard and passed on to main programmer of CopyToDVD. I will keep you posted.

Sounds like a good idea to me:)

Good stuff, many thanks!

Response I was given from VSO:

this is a possiblility and will be looked into . . . . a couple of discussions to be had.

Maybe in a week or two we will know more

Actually I never see that particular window, since I only have one writer. But if I had multiple writers, and one was a 4x and one was a 16x, I guess that might be a decent idea, eh?

Hello Gurm,

You will get this screen when you open up Windows Explorer, and right click on a file or a folder, you will see a CopyToDVD option.

Once clicked on it (I selected a VIDEO_TS directory) and it asked me if I wanted to burn it VideoDVD or DATA dvd, then I had the selection of drives.

But with only 1 drive, it would prompt you to insert a blank media right away.
The problem is if your drive is configured to MAX Speed burn in the Drive settings, it will start burning at MAX, you are not prompted to select a speed.

Rendez2k is absolutly right, we need a speed selector, since I always burn at 2x or 4x and I would also use that selector.

My 2 cents…