CopyToDVD w/ 1ClickCopyDVD Pro

I recently purchased 1ClickCopyDVD Pro which came with SE. I then upgraded SE to the full version of CopyToDVD. The problem is this, Copy doesn’t seem to recognize 1Click now or doesn’t show it as an option, just Nero Recode. Both are newest versions. Is there a way to get it to recognize 1Click? Not exactly a newbie, have used DVDXCopy and Platinum (original versions), CloneCD, CloneDVD2, Recode, and starting with DVDRebuilder Pro. It’s addictive, started with 2 disc backups and now look where we are!

OneClick Pro Version does not use CopytoDVD. It has its own integrated burn engine. It is only an option in the regular version of OneClick.

Yes and No…

We license the best burning engine on the market, VSO’s burn engine.

Also 1Click DVD Copy Pro is bundeled with CopytoDVD, so Southern Comfort these questions are best to be directed to the 1Click DVD Copy Pro support team.

CopyToDVD: We provide CopyToDVD as a free bonus. It may be a free bonus, but the software is far from fee for us. VSO charges us for each CopyToDVD application we bundle and it’s not cheap. We think this is a logical bundle since the burn engines are both from the same vendor, which ensures compatibility.

Yes and Yes. OneClick Pro Version uses their own integrated burn engine, and yes they liscense the PattinCouffin for the regular OneClickDVDCopy.

Thank you PeedZ, I was aware that 1Click used CopyToDVD as it’s burning engine, (that’s why it’s included in a “light” version), full version of CopyToDVD said it would recognize all applicable programs on install and was suprized when it didn’t see 1Click. As I was dealing directly with VSO for the upgrade, which they did do for a discounted price which was awesome on their part! I’ll do that, was just looking fr a quick fix, dif time zones and all…thanks so much! Play’in with Rebuilder now, wow, interesting!

Wow, sorry, Alan, I was posting at the same time, duh, I’ll just try a burn with 1Click and see what happens?? Not dissing either program, just trying new ones and learning…should have done this before posting, but, I’ve been lucky, three coasters in over two years(2 single and one double layer) and hate problems, just seeing if anyone else had any info…will do so, and report back…I can lose a Verbatim 16x DVD5 for the info…thanks for all your prompt replies!! If it wasn’t for “cdfreaks” and “afterdawn”, plus a few others…

Alan1476 I quoted directly from the ‘1Click DVD Copy Pro’ review that has just been posted.

1Click DVD Copy Pro uses the VSO ‘Burning SDK’. CopytoDVD, Blindwrite, PhotoDVD etc use the VSO ‘Burning SDK’.
Patin-couffin is not a burning tool, it is a I/O device driver so is ElbyCDIO for example.

CopyToDVD said it would recognize all applicable programs on install

ahh I think I now understand what you are after, do you mean when you open the CopytoDVD launcher > Movie & Pictures > Copy DVD Video you do not see 1Click DVD Copy Pro here, and you want to ??

thats exacty what I was referring to…

Ok, no problems to get this sorted!

CopytoDVD has pre-programed the default install locations for 3rd party apps, and does not expect customised install paths.

To fix this you are going to need to fire up RegEdit.
Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VSO\Starter\3rdParty\ExtractDVDVideo\1ClickDVDCopy

Edit the ‘DisplayName’ Key and enter ‘1Click DVD Copy Pro’,
Edit the ‘Command’ key and enter the install path + ie C:\Program Files\LG Sofware Innovations\launch.exe

Close Regedit and Reopen VSO Starter > Movie & Pictures > Copy DVD Video. 1Click DVD Copy Pro will now be here !