CopyToDVD Settings

About to use CopyToDVD 2.11 to burn a DVD and I’m curious when you go to the Options menu | File Settings

Which settings whould I click to get maximum compatibility for DVD players? There really is no documentation anywhere that explains
the settings.

Any help would be appreciated


use the front end application with the menu create dvd video, it is the best way to create best compatible dvd video.

yup, I did use use the frond end “Write DVD Video”

Do I need to set any of the “Options|CopyToDVD Properties|File System” options if I choose “Write DVD Video” front end or does it set the options automatically for you?

I forgot to also ask.

If you use the front end “Write DVDVideo” option does it use
UDF 1.02 mode or do I have to set it in the “File System” tab?

no don’t worry the menu create dvd video, set all the option internally in the program and does not care about the settings apps. so you can be sure the best option are always used this way.

ok, thanks for the info

One more question, in the “Write DVD-Video” mode, is the UDF 1.02 option turned on?

Just choose the write dvd video, and then browse to the IFO file, copy to dvd will do the rest, you don’t need to mess with any settings. It will use the proper burn method and automatically add the video and audio ts folders.

Well, I am having problems with COPY to DVD. When playing a DVD-R made with this application, one of my DVD players give me “DISK ERROR” (same problem with Nero). However, when using Prassi Primo DVD or IC never had compatibility problems. I carefully check with IfoEdit same VIDEO_TS file burn into two DVD-R’s, one burn with COPY to DVD (gives me ERROR DISK) and the other burn with Instant Copy (plays correctly).
The only difference that I notice between both is the following:

When checking the VMGM_MAT, under the “End byte of VMGI_MAT” the values are different. The DVD-R made with COPY to DVD has a value of 1283, however the value for the DVD-R made with IC is 1275. Could this be the problem? All other values are exactly the same. I use default settings with COPY to DVD.


thanks to send this kind of report by email please !